Lemongrass 1 NOV 2015

28 11 2015

2015-11-28 07.18.39.jpg

Things may be slower but I have gotten requests for lemongrass and here they are.

The new dragon and owl molds were a birthday gift from my mother and here they are displayed for the first time. Here’s a close up.

2015-11-28 07.19.05.jpg

Lemongrass 26 FEB 2014

13 03 2014

I have been saying for a while that I should make some more lemongrass and then not doing it. Well, I finally actually did.

2014-03-13 11.26.53

Lemongrass 3 March 2013

31 03 2013

image9 March 2013: I’ve been out of Lemongrass for a while now. Too long since it’s popular. I didn’t go through the trouble of trying to make the circles this time. I wanted to use the 2″ circles as sample/guest sizes. This picture is from before I stamped them, but all the little circles have my logo. It’s a double batch. There’s about a dozen of each bar size and almost four dozen of the circles.

31 March 2013: Lemongrass has been unavailable for too long. No more!

Lemongrass 7 Nov 2012

12 12 2012

12 DEC 2012 – These are available now. Updated a bit late but there’s bee a bit of hectic holiday syndrome.

So. This was more difficult than I expected; also messy.

I got comments on the vanilla hazelnut about the different color on the outside than the inside. Of course the color change is a reaction with the air and that soap is completely brown now. It did get me thinking though, what if I did that on purpose. Anyway, I went to Lowes and got some 2 inch PVC to go with the 3 inch PVC I’ve used before. I made the yellow on the 6th and the green on the 7th. The yellow went just fine. There was some left over, so I put it in dragon molds. The green  is where I had some trouble. I was trying to get the yellow to properly center. As you can see, I did not fully succeed. Anyway, it required a good deal of manipulation. The bottom of the PVC molds are just plastic wrap held on with rubber bands and a Ziploc bag. They’ve got to be kept still until the soap hardens or they’ll spill out the bottom into the bag. While I was trying to keep the yellow centered, with one of the four, that happened. I had to pour out that one, again into dragon molds. That left me with an extra 2 inch yellow. You can’t really see it in the picture, but the sides still have some green on them. It will take a good deal of cleanup after they finish curing. They should be a good size for hand soap though.

Anyway, a good deal of work on this one. I almost said that I’d never do it again but I suppose that I’ll be better at it next time. That is if it interests anyone. That means if you do like it, pipe up in the comments.

Lemongrass and coloring soap

19 09 2012

imageUpdate 19 Sep 2012: They’re ready now. Still not the color I wanted but they smell good.

There are two ways to color soap. The first is pigments. They’re like crayons. What you see is what you get. They mix easily and predictably. The thing is, the soap is a crayon too and you can’t get bright colors. That’s why many soaps have the ingredient titanium dioxide.

You can also use dyes. They’re water based and produce much brighter colors. The thing is, what you see is not what you get. Yellow starts out orange, blue and red both look purple. They don’t mix evenly or predictably either. I demonstrate here. The yellow is as intended. For the other color, I mixed blue and yellow and it was green before I put it in the soap but I just pulled it out of the mold and now it’s orange.

My question to you is, can I get away with saying, “I meant to do that,” or is it just FAIL?


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