Liquid Soap 6 March 2014

6 03 2014

I’ve made a batch of liquid soap again. It’s been a while. This time I used Castor oil along with the olive oil and coconut oil. I was wondering if it would give me the consistency I wanted easier. I suppose it might a little but it still takes forever to make and since the castor oil is much more soluble than the olive oil, the result is much less soap. The castor oil is more expensive as well so I don’t think I’ll be using it again, only olive and coconut oils.

This time, I got some of the glass dropper bottles you see in the picture. I mixed the fragrance in to the individual bottles. The droppers are hardly pipettes but I think they’ll measure well enough for my purposes. Hopefully that will allow me to get all the soap used rather than throwing away a bunch when it goes bad. Bar soap doesn’t usually go bad but the same can’t be said for liquid soap and it would be difficult to make less in a batch and would take the same amount of time regardless.

I’ve added frankincense and myrrh to some of the bottles and bergamot and chamomile to others. The former will go to my mother and the latter to my sister. I think I’ll use the rest of this batch myself. I’m not sure if I’ll actually make it for The Old House. It ‘s nice but it does take a long time to make.

2014-03-06 - liquid

Con or Bust Dragons

26 01 2014

These are my submission for the Con Or Bust 2014 auction. Here is a link to Con Or Bust, and here is a link to my submission in particular. Bidding doesn’t start until February 10th and there’s just a few things up right now but there will be more and it will be worth checking out.

The white dragon is my personal recipe with no added colors or scents.
The red dragon is peppermint.
The orange dragon is grapefruit.
The yellow dragon is honeysuckle.
The green dragon is green clover and aloe.
The blue dragon is ocean rain.
The purple dragon is lavender.

The two top bidders will win. Each will get one of each dragon. The other seven dragons will be divided between them. Each will rank all seven dragons in order of preference. The top winner will get an extra of his/her first ranked dragon. The second winner will get his first ranked or second if it is taken. The top winner will then get his second or third and so on until all seven extras are distributed. The first winner will at worst get extras of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th choice and the second winner will at worst get the 2nd, 4th, and 6th choice.

Make sure to go to Con Or Bust and do your bidding there. If you try to bid here, it won’t count. I’ll remind you again on the 10th.
 2014COBbox   2014COBplate

Flying Barn soap 7 Jan 2012

13 01 2013


13 JAN 2013: This is a custom order from my dad as guest soap for his house which he has plans for as a bed and breakfast. He calls it The Flying Barn and I’ll be stamping the name on the soap once it has dried more.
They’re 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 5/8″. At this size, a batch is 45 bars. It’s my personal recipe with vanilla hazelnut fragrance. It was chosen for the color. Remember that they will turn a uniform dark brown. It goes with the wood interior. It’s also a fragrance that will appeal to most.

This batch is reserved for Dad but if you want some vanilla hazelnut for yourself, I still have six of the last batch left.


Christmas soap 2012

14 11 2012

14 Nov 2012 – This is the Christmas soap all together. It’s pretty much like last year but the Christmas tree soap now uses the Siberian Fir Needle oil that I like a little better. Some of the bars are a little bigger though and I added the little trees. Also, last year, I didn’t wrap the boxes. When I gave them to the choir, I had to remind everyone to take one of each. This time, I put them all in a bag together. It’s just a white lunch bag but a couple stickers makes it look pretty nice. At least I think so anyway. I tend to like things pretty simple though.

I made a lot more than last year. I have enough to give to the choir and for my mother to give to her bell choir. I still have a plenty of the Frankincense and Myrrh. I still have some of the little trees of the Christmas tree scent. And of course, I’ll always have some of the unscented on hand even though that batch is all in here.


Christmas Unscented – 23 OCT 2012

14 11 2012

14 Nov 2012 – These are ready now. They’re pretty much all going into the Christmas packages. I do still have earlier batches of my signature recipe unscented though. I didn’t use all of the trees but they didn’t come out of the mold easily and I’ve used all the ones in really nice shape. They’re only three weeks old but I’ve checked the Ph and the whole month is really mostly for drying. They can do that in the package and I want to give them after Thanksgiving so they can be used during the Christmas season. Holiday schedules being what they are, I need to get them in the package now because I may not have a chance later.

30 Oct 2012 – This is the last of the Christmas soap, unscented of my personal recipe to go with the Christmas tree soap and the frankincense and myrrh soap.

Christmas Tree Soap – 15 Oct 2012

14 11 2012

14 Nov 2012 – These are ready now. The vast majority of these are going into the Christmas packages but there are some of the little trees left.

19 Oct 2012 – If you remember my Frankincense and Myrrh post a little while back, you remember that last year I made Christmas soap for the choir. Last year I used a designed scent called “Christmas Tree”. Later I tried Siberian Fir needle essential oil and like it better. It’s more distinctive. Anyway, that’s what I’m using this year but I’m still calling it Christmas Tree soap.

In addition to the bars like I made last year, I have a new mold that I just got last week. That’s where the forest of little trees came from.

Frankincense and myrrh – 2 OCT 2012

30 10 2012

30 OCT 2012 – They’re ready now. The larger ones will go to my choir and the smaller ones will go to my mother for to give as gifts to her choir. They have darkened a little bit but not as much as I expected. The yellow is vaguely golden and the red gives a fiery look that goes well with incense. Remember, there’s also another batch.

7 OCT 2012 – They’re out of the mold now. They’re still pretty bright but will probably still darken a bit. Should be gift-worthy.

2 OCT 2012 – It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted last. I’ve got to make the soap first and it’s been pretty busy. Also last week I was visiting my parents. So, this time, I think I’ll go ahead and post a picture of the soap first in the molds. Also, when I update the post with pictures of the cut bars, I’ll change the publish date and it will go out like a new post again. It really is a new post. I just don’t want to get the archive cluttered.

Last year, I made soap for everyone in the choir as a Christmas gift. I gave them each three bars, an unscented, a Christmas tree scented, and a Frankincense and Myrrh scented. It went over well and there was other interest as well. I think I could have easily given twice as much or more.

I’m not sure how busy November will be so I’m getting a head start this year. I made a double batch. This will make over four dozen bars. Actually, I made it as two separate batches. Pouring that much soap and mixing it for the swirl takes a bit and there’s only so much time between light trace and seized. I got both lye solutions ready. Then I mixed oil for both and added the color to each ahead of time. That made it so I could add the lye, mix to a light trace, and mix in the fragrance with maximum time left to pour and swirl before it seized. With a single batch, I mix to a light trace and mix in the fragrance, then separate and add the two colors. I had a feeling there wouldn’t be enough time for that with the double batch and I was right.

Let’s see how it turns out. You’ll see it again in a few days when we’ll find out how well the pattern turned out. I never know how a swirl will be until I cut it. Also, it won’t be this bright then. The myrrh will darken the soap a bit. I still have some of the fragrance oil left. I got the 4oz bottles instead of the 1oz. There’s at least enough for a single batch, so I might make some more if there’s a lot of interest.


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