Current Inventory and various notes

23 02 2014

My current inventory of bars is as follows:

Coffee 12
Goat Milk 12
Grape 2
Grapefruit 12
Green Clover and Aloe 4
Honeysuckle 2
Lavender 6
Ocean Rain 2
Peppermint 4
Plumberry Spice 3
Tea Tree 12
Unscented 10


The winners of the Con or Bust auction have first pick. Thank you for supporting!

This is really only about half my inventory. If you have your heart set on ones of which there are only a few left like more honeysuckle or ocean rain, I might have a few more at The Old House. I could check and get them if they’re there.

The Frankincense and Myrrh batch really needs to dry for another week but I tested the Ph and they’re neutral so safe. If Con or Bust winners want them, I could send them and ask that they not be used first. It’s a popular scent.


Con or Bust final day

22 02 2014

My donation of dragons to Con or Bust is up to about $50. The bidding ends at 5pm Eastern tomorrow (Sunday) so there’s a bit more than 24 hours left. I’m going to up it a bit by offering one extra bar (not dragon) for each $3 over $50 the bidding goes in the final day. This is to the limits of my supply and what fits in the box of course. Note that plenty fits in a medium flat rate though.

Good bidding,


You can get to the auction and bid here:

Goat Milk 14 Jan 2014

22 02 2014

22 Feb 2014: So, I made these and then completely forgot to post them. A coworker asked me last night if I had any goat milk and I assured him that I did. When I got home this morning, I checked the batch and all was good so I can bring him some. I guess that’s about the state of my mind these days. Anyway, these are ready now.

2014-02-22 09.16.50

Tea Tree Oil – 14 JAN 2014

22 02 2014

22 Feb 2014: These are ready now.

26 Jan 2014: I’ve been out of tea tree oil soap for quite a while now and people have asked when I would have some more. Well, better late than never, or at least I hope anyway. These will be ready by the 14th.

2014-01-26 21.33.43

Con or Bust is Live!

10 02 2014

Bidding is now allowed. You can do so here: Please make any other comments or questions there too. That way all the information is in one place.

Note that if you have any interest in science fiction or fantasy, there’s plenty of other stuff to bid on there too.

Con of Bust main page

About Con or Bust

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Frankincense and Myrrh – 1 Feb 2014

10 02 2014

10 Feb 2014: This scent is simply too popular not to make it on a consistent basis. I suspect that even doing so, they will still run out frequently. Anyway, here is more Frankincense and Myrrh which will be ready March 1st.

2014-02-10 11.35.41


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