Eucalyptus 22 Dec 2013

25 12 2013

25 Dec 2013: I wanted to have some eucalyptus soap ready for winter. I’ve mentioned though that things have been pretty busy. Since if I made a cold process batch it wouldn’t be ready until the end of January, I made a hot process batch. You’ll notice the texture. While I do prefer the smoother texture of the cold process soap, this is quite nice too; and it is ready now.

The scents and essential oils fill the house anyway. Pouring the eucalyptus oil into the hot soap goes a bit over the top though.


Currently available

6 12 2013

Last year I had a giant pile of soap. This year it’s not nearly so large. In addition to keeping stock at The Old House, the last couple months have not been very good for making soap. We had a major scheduled maintenance outage at the mill and then I was sent to Germany for automation training.

This is what I have available right now. Everything else won’t be ready for Christmas. The plan is to make a few more batches in December and then several in January.



Banana Leaf and Acai 6
Coffee 7
Frankincense and Myrrh medium 6
Frankincense and Myrrh small 18
Goat Milk 3 dino set 1
Goat Milk large 23
Goat Milk medium 10
Grape 7
Grapefruit 3
Honeysuckle (old) 2
Lavender (old) 5
Lilac and Lavender 4
Ocean Rain (old) 2
Patchouli 3
Siberian Fir 3 dino set 1
Siberian Fir dragon 3
Siberian Fir little tree 12
Siberian Fir medium 3
Siberian Fir small 17
Unscented 11
Walnut Scrubby 4


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