Grapefruit soap 15 July 2013

22 08 2013

One of my fellow Knights of Columbus has been buying the last batch of these up and wants some more. Hence, another batch. The grapefruit essential oil smells wonderful. I also really like the way my logo shows up on these.


22 AUG 2013: Ready now

goat milk 8 July 2013

22 08 2013

20130714-225004.jpgI’m getting low enough to make some more goat milk soap. There are also 3 flowers, 3 bars with a mother and kid goat on them, and a set of dinosaurs.

22 AUG 2013: Ready now.

Tea tree liquid soap 31 July 2013

9 08 2013

The last batch of tea tree liquid I put most of it in the gallon jug that the distilled water came in. The jug was a bit thin though. It got a small hole in it that I didn’t notice and I found one day when I came home from work that it had slowly leaked out and my entire bathroom counter was covered in soap.
Soap is good for cleaning things but when the mess is soap, there’s nothing for it except labor and lots of water.
Anyway, I’ve made another batch to replace the lost one. This time I used a better jug I got from MMS my last order.



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