Tea Tree Soap 24 July 2013

26 07 2013

I’m making Tea Tree oil soap a staple now. I’ve been using it myself.


News for today

17 07 2013

I’ve updated the inventory page so if you’re wondering what I still have, check it out.

For those of you in Starkville, I’ll be at the little Wednesday market on University Drive this afternoon. I should get there around 4:30 to 5:00.

I’ll be making another order shortly, probably next week. I want to try the shampoo again and I need some supplies for that. I also need some more palm kernel oil. If there’s something else you’d like me to make, post it in the comments for this post.

Walnut scrubby 7 June 2013

16 07 2013

20130613-084653.jpg 13 June 2013: This is not my usual recipe. It’s walnut oil, palm kernel oil and palm oil with powdered walnut shells. It’s not something you’d likely take a bath with. It’s very abrasive. It is handy by the kitchen sink or cleaning oily dirty hands.


16 July 2013: These are ready now.

Twigs and berries 7 June 2013

16 07 2013

20130613-084452.jpg 13 June 2013: The blue coloring I’ve been using is water based. It’s a bit temperamental in bar soap and I wanted to try a pigment. This is that trial. I’m not sure what happened with that pattern of lines. It’s the same recipe as usual except for the color and the twigs and berries fragrance oil. Initial testing indicates the soap is fine though.

I’ll need to order some more fragrance in order to test the color again. None of the ones I have right now are fitting to be blue except the ocean rain of which I still have several bars. It may be a while but hopefully I’ll get it brighter when I do try it again.


16 July 2013: These are ready. They still have the light pattern on them but are pretty nice.

Coffee Soap 8 July 2013

12 07 2013


A coworker bought the rest of my coffee soap so here’s some more.


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