Lavender buds 30 Jan 2013

31 01 2013

image31 JAN 2013: You may remember the last time. Well, I did indeed try it as a hot process soap. The results were interesting. It is more attractive, anyway. The scent wasn’t quite what I wanted though. When I open the bag of lavender buds (It’s a big bag and there’s lot’s left.), it smells of mostly lavender with grassy overtones. In this soap, the grassy overtones took over and the lavender moved to the background. Perhaps, I put the buds in to early, letting them get too hot for too long. I figured that it might spread the scent through the soap better and now think perhaps otherwise. Watch for next week when I will most likely tray again, heedless of the probability that I will not be able to get rid of it.

7 FEB 2013: Beverly and CoffeeDog quite like this. If you like lavender and want a completely natural soap, let me know.

Coffee soap 28 Jan 2013

29 01 2013

image29 JAN 2013: A couple weeks ago, I gave my new shift partner some free samples including some coffee soap. I told him it was good at removing odors so he tried it after cleaning fish and was pleased with the results. I had eight bars left and he bought four of them. Another co-worker bought the rest. Two more coworkers expressed an interest as well so I made some more.

This is hot process soap so it is ready right away and is available now. Of course, it will still last longer if it dries for while more.

I make this by brewing triple strength coffee and then dissolving the lye in that instead of pure water. I keep the grounds and mix them back in before putting it in the crock pot to cook. The grounds make the soap a bit scrubby but not harsh. Otherwise, it’s my usual personal recipe.

There’s 25 bars from about ranging from 2.5 to 3.0 oz and my coworkers are not likely to want that much so let me know if you want some.

Banana leaf and acai 29 dec 2012

28 01 2013

image5 JAN 2013: If you smell this, you think banana. Then you look at the name and smell it again and say “Oh, yea, acai is in there too.” Banana is the primary scent and the acai makes it… better somehow.

I didn’t add any other coloring. The fragrance oil starts out pale yellow and turns brown with exposure to the air; much like a banana. They’ll be completely monotone brown when they’re ready, but the scent is lovely.

I made this once before and my mother has declared it one of her favorites. Therefore, I made it again.


28 JAN 2013: These are ready now and this is what they look like finished.

Unscented 29 Dec 2012

28 01 2013

image5 JAN 2013: This is a single batch. Like the goat’s milk batch I made the same weekend, I wanted some sample size of my personal recipe unscented. I made the rest in 3in circles and three of the lighthouses. The lighthouses are more of a look pretty and hang around in the bathroom for a long time mold. They’re entirely impractical as they’re uncomfortable to hold. They are pretty though and since I’ve got lot’s of the last batch of unscented, I decided to make some.

28 JAN 2013: These are ready now. Plenty of my personal recipe completely unadulterated is available.

Goat’s milk 29 DEC 2012

28 01 2013

2012-12-29_Goats Milk-r4 JAN 2013: So, there’s still plenty of the previous batch but the goat’s milk is popular so I made some more preemptively. All goat’s milk batches are double batches since I use a whole can of milk. There’s six each of the dragons and hibiscus and a couple dozen of the regular size bars and the 2″ circles.

I’ve mentioned before that the dragon mold was a gift from my mother. The hibiscus was too. I quite like it; it fits in my hand well. Of course, other people might have different sized hands.

The temperature sensitivity of goat’s milk is apparent in this picture. The individual molds which had lot’s of surface area to dissipate the heat of saponification are quite light. The bars which had less surface area are darker. Both are nice though.

You might remember that my last lemongrass batch with the two colored circles where I ended up with an extra 2″ loaf. Well Coffee Dog said they were a perfect size for felting. This time I made some on purpose, some being for her. I also thought they would be good to give as samples.

If you want some goat’s milk soap now, go ahead and check out that previous batch.

28 JAN 2013: These are ready now. I’ve got plenty so let me know. Note that Coffee Dog got all the 2″ circles though.

Lavender buds 29 Dec 2012

28 01 2013

image2 JAN 2013: This is lavender soap but instead of using the lavender flowers fragrance oil from MMS, I ground up lavender buds. The idea being that lavender is very popular but some people want things all natural and whatnot.

So, hmm… It’s not all that pretty. The lavender buds turned brown with the caustic. It does smell like lavender but not as strong as with the fragrance oil and for some reason, most lavender scents in soap get a medicine smell to them and this is no exception. The fragrance oil that I’ve been using doesn’t which is why I prefer it.

Anyway, while not without some good points, I wouldn’t call this a complete success. I may try this again but as a hot process soap. That will be putting the buds in a neutral rather than caustic mix and they should keep their color and scent better.

28 JAN 2013: This is OK, but not as good as I hoped. I may try it again as a hot process soap. That might keep the purple color of the buds and give a stronger scent.

Lavender liquid soap 22 Jan 2013

28 01 2013

imageSince I’ve gotten down how to make liquid soap of a nice thick consistency, I’ve been making some. That will have to take a pause for a bit since this batch used all my remaining 16oz bottles. This batch  is lavender scented. Liquid soap is always hot process and therefore always ready and available as soon as I post it.


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