29 12 2012

It’s getting near that time again.

This is where you post comments if there’s anything that’s not available or curing that you want to see again or if you suggestions for something new whether is be a scent, a different recipe, colors, botanicals, molds, or something else entirely.

Remember that I get most of my supplies from Majestic Mountain Sage and looking through their catalog might give you an idea but that doesn’t mean that I won’t go somewhere else for things they don’t have.

The next resupply may not be for several months so let me know.

Custom soap stamp

25 12 2012

I got myself a custom soap stamp from Soap Impressions. I’m planning to put it on most of my bars from now on. Most of the batches made earlier are now to hard to make a good impression on. What do you think?

Thanks to my sisters Anne and Marie for artistic feedback and the graphic artist on hire at Soap Impressions for the rework.

Goat milk soap – 29 Nov 2012

25 12 2012

2012-11-29_Goats Milk7 Dec 2012 – The last thing I did before going to bed the night before heading out of town to see family was make a batch of goats milk soap. Various sizes including some small bars to be used as hand soap. I’m back now and finally got around to posting them. They won’t really be ready for Christmas but I’m sure I’ll need some next year.

25 Dec 2012 – This is ready now. I expect I’ll need to make another batch right away since it’s so popular. Some of this has already been claimed.

Unscented – 28 Nov 2012

25 12 2012

2012-11-28_Unscented7 Dec 2012 – You may remember that I mentioned that I’m getting a little low on my signature unscented. Well, I made some more of course. Right before leaving to visit family this week, I made a triple batch; mostly the large rectangular bars but several of the dragons and a few others.

25 Dec 2012: These are ready now. I have now have plenty of my personal recipe unscented for people to try now.

After the craft fair

15 12 2012

I sold about half my soap! That’s almost $200 worth. I think that’s a pretty good showing for a craft fair.

I just switched the category of the lavender and eucalyptus from available to gone. I did make a large batch of eucalyptus yesterday so there will be more next month. I’ll probably post that batch tomorrow along with some apple soap. Other popular things were bergamot, sandalwood and druid soap. Other than that, people bought a variety.

Some lessons I think:People who want unscented soap, don’t need a fancy mold or box.
For Christmas, concentrate on Frankincense and Myrrh. People love it. The Christmas tree and the Christmas unscented weren’t touched.

If you’re wondering what I still have left:

Soap Date Remaining Price (per oz)
Almond unscented 30-Oct-12 5 $0.65
Bergamot 15-Aug-12 2 $0.75
Christmas Tree 15-Oct-12 8 $0.80
Christmas unscented 23-Oct-12 9 $0.65
Coffee 8-Sep-12 11 $0.85
Druid soap 28-Nov-12 6 $0.80
Eucalyptus 8-Oct-12 0 $0.75
Gingerbread oatmeal 19-Aug-12 4 $1.00
Green clover and aloe 8-Oct-12 2 $0.80
Lavender 8-Sep-12 0 $0.75
Lemongrass 7-Nov-12 12 $0.80
lemongrass (color problem) 19-Aug-12 5 $0.40
Ocean Rain 8-Oct-12 11 $0.80
Osmanthus 15-Jul-12 5 $0.75
Pear 16-Aug-12 6 $0.75
Peppermint 15-Aug-12 4 $0.80
Sandalwood 28-Nov-12 12 $0.75
Vanilla Hazelnut 30-Oct-12 7 $0.75
Walnut scrubby 16-Sep-12 6 $0.80

My table at the craft fair

15 12 2012


I sold a bunch of soap!

Sandalwood 20 Nov 2012

13 12 2012

image13 Dec 2012 – They’re ready now.

28 Nov 2012 – Unfortunately, I can no longer remember who, but someone asked if I could make some sandalwood soap and here it is. Pipe up if it was you please.



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