29 11 2012

Earlier this week, My Aunt Liesbeth bought some more of my personal unscented. Mom gave her some last year and that’s all she and her family will use now. Also, I’ve been giving out free samples every now and then and it just paid off. A couple months ago I had a little back and shoulder pain and Ruth, an excellent massage therapist, helped work it out. I gave her a few and today she called and asked to buy some. Apparently, her children have allergies and the goat’s milk soap is perfect for them. I brought it over to her and showed her the Frankincense and Myrrh as well. She decided she wanted some of that too. I guess she just got a bunch of her Christmas shopping done. She cleaned me out of both. Of course I do still have the ones I saved for my family and a bunch of the Christmas packages left.

Anyway, payment from Ruth will be in the form of massage. I’ll be looking forward to that. If you’re in town and interested her website is:

I’ve been trying out different scents. Perhaps I should have been making more unscented. Not to worry, I’ll be making more shortly.


28 11 2012

I’m pretty close to out of palm kernel oil and castor oil. My aunt Liesbeth just ordered some more of my personal unscented and I’m getting a bit low on it so I just made a triple batch of it leaving only enough for one or two more batches. Anyway, resupply needed to happen and so it has.

I went off to and ordered the following. Things I haven’t tried before are the lily and earth fragrances and the lavender buds. I’ll need to get a mortar and pestle.


1    16 oz wt Olive Leaf Powder
1    16 oz wt Orange Peel Powder
2    100 pk Soap Boxes 3.75 X 2.75 X 1.25
1    100 pk Soap Boxes without Window
5    4 X 6 inch Flat Bags
3    3 X 5 inch Flat Bags
1    1 Gallon Lavender Buds
3    1 fl oz Eucalyptus Essential Oil    no_air
1    4 fl oz Lemongrass Essential Oil
1    1 fl oz Peppermint Essential
1    4 fl oz Siberian Fir Essential Oil    no_air
1    1 fl oz Tea Tree Essential    no_air
4    16 oz Castor Oil
1    10 lbs Palm Kernel Oil
1    1 fl oz Bannana Leaf & Acai Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Earth Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Enchanted Apple Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Honeysuckle Fragrance
1    4 fl oz Lavender Flowers Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Lily of the Valley
1    4 fl oz Oak Leaves & Acorns Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Ocean Rain Fragrance
1    1 fl oz Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance
3    Hibiscus Soap Mold

Vanilla Hazelnut – 30 OCT 2012

28 11 2012

28 NOV 2012 – This is ready now. As you can see, the color has completely changed throughout. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a quite pretty creamy brown.

3 NOV 2012 – I’ve used the vanilla hazelnut fragrance once before and it was very nice. This time, I used a different recipe, the same as the almond soap I made the same day. Although it takes a while, the fragrance oil turns the soap a dark brown. When this is ready I’ll treat you to another picture.

30 OCT 2012 – almond soap

28 11 2012

28 NOV 2012 – This is ready now. It has a slightly different texture than my personal recipe. I still like my personal recipe better but this is nice and it’s nice to try new things.

3 NOV 2012 – This is not my usual recipe. It has palm oil, palm kernel oil, sweet almond oil, and sweet almond butter. It’s unscented. I’m very fond of my personal recipe but still want to try something new every now and then.

Art fair!

16 11 2012

My friend CoffeeDog is taking her crocheting to a local art fair on Decmber 15th. She offered to take some of my soap with her. As luck would have it though, I’m off that day and can actually join her there. This is excellent. I’m amazed my schedule actually allows something. Have I mentioned that we’ve been short electricians at the mill all year? I just keep telling myself that it is better to blessed with too much work than too little. I have been told many times that I should do exactly that but haven’t had a chance. Now I do, and she deserves many thanks.

She will be rewarded of course; and the reward shall be soap. If you look through the various posts, you’ll see a whole bunch of comments from her. That is indeed the best way to claim things here.

My apartment is full of soap

15 11 2012

My apartment is full of soap.

I haven’t made any this week. I’ve been busy packaging the ones I have ready. I’ll be celebrating Christmas with family early because that’s the only time I could get off. Anything I made right now wouldn’t be ready in time anyway. Also, as you can see, my apartment is full of soap. The boxes on the couch have soap in them too. I’ve been separating out some for various family members. There’s still a few batches curing as well.

So there you are: an apartment full of soap. Anybody want some?

Christmas soap 2012

14 11 2012

14 Nov 2012 – This is the Christmas soap all together. It’s pretty much like last year but the Christmas tree soap now uses the Siberian Fir Needle oil that I like a little better. Some of the bars are a little bigger though and I added the little trees. Also, last year, I didn’t wrap the boxes. When I gave them to the choir, I had to remind everyone to take one of each. This time, I put them all in a bag together. It’s just a white lunch bag but a couple stickers makes it look pretty nice. At least I think so anyway. I tend to like things pretty simple though.

I made a lot more than last year. I have enough to give to the choir and for my mother to give to her bell choir. I still have a plenty of the Frankincense and Myrrh. I still have some of the little trees of the Christmas tree scent. And of course, I’ll always have some of the unscented on hand even though that batch is all in here.



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