Unscented in various molds – 1 OCT 2012

30 10 2012

30 OCT 2012 -These are ready now. There’s also a bunch of large rectangular bars in this batch.


8 OCT 2012 – A couple weeks ago, I was able to get away for a bit and visit my parents. Mom gave me a early birthday present (very early, it’s in December) of various molds. I was of course inclined to use them. She also gave me a mold with goats and one with lavender but those are more product specific. They will be used eventually but I have a bunch of lavender and goat’s milk right now.

These are all my personal recipe and unscented. The Faith, Hope and Love, the flower and the small leaves all turned out great. The dragons, Mom gave me earlier this year and are still great. The fairies I got elsewhere. The only ones that didn’t turn out great were from the olive oil mold. All four had a damaged olive. Overall though, an excellent turnout. There’s also some more large bars.

You may have noticed that I’ve started putting dates in the title. That is the date the batch was made. If you’re interested in something, curing takes a month so you’ll know when to expect it to be available. A month later, I’ll pull it out, make sure the Ph is about 7, and try out a bit of it. Then I’ll change the category to available and update the publishing date so it will go out again as a new post.

Frankincense and myrrh – 2 OCT 2012

30 10 2012

30 OCT 2012 – They’re ready now. The larger ones will go to my choir and the smaller ones will go to my mother for to give as gifts to her choir. They have darkened a little bit but not as much as I expected. The yellow is vaguely golden and the red gives a fiery look that goes well with incense. Remember, there’s also another batch.

7 OCT 2012 – They’re out of the mold now. They’re still pretty bright but will probably still darken a bit. Should be gift-worthy.

2 OCT 2012 – It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted last. I’ve got to make the soap first and it’s been pretty busy. Also last week I was visiting my parents. So, this time, I think I’ll go ahead and post a picture of the soap first in the molds. Also, when I update the post with pictures of the cut bars, I’ll change the publish date and it will go out like a new post again. It really is a new post. I just don’t want to get the archive cluttered.

Last year, I made soap for everyone in the choir as a Christmas gift. I gave them each three bars, an unscented, a Christmas tree scented, and a Frankincense and Myrrh scented. It went over well and there was other interest as well. I think I could have easily given twice as much or more.

I’m not sure how busy November will be so I’m getting a head start this year. I made a double batch. This will make over four dozen bars. Actually, I made it as two separate batches. Pouring that much soap and mixing it for the swirl takes a bit and there’s only so much time between light trace and seized. I got both lye solutions ready. Then I mixed oil for both and added the color to each ahead of time. That made it so I could add the lye, mix to a light trace, and mix in the fragrance with maximum time left to pour and swirl before it seized. With a single batch, I mix to a light trace and mix in the fragrance, then separate and add the two colors. I had a feeling there wouldn’t be enough time for that with the double batch and I was right.

Let’s see how it turns out. You’ll see it again in a few days when we’ll find out how well the pattern turned out. I never know how a swirl will be until I cut it. Also, it won’t be this bright then. The myrrh will darken the soap a bit. I still have some of the fragrance oil left. I got the 4oz bottles instead of the 1oz. There’s at least enough for a single batch, so I might make some more if there’s a lot of interest.


19 10 2012

I’ve made changes to the pages above. Check them out again and let me know what you think.

Tea Tree soap – 16 SEP 2012

14 10 2012

14 Oct 2012: This is ready now. I took a shower with it this morning between getting off work and going to church. It’s quite nice.


20 Sep 2012: My sister suggested tea tree oil. This is it, curing and ready next month. It’s a smells bit like eucalyptus but muskier.
If there isn’t an obvious reason to color the soap, I don’t. This like most is my personal recipe and since the tea tree oil doesn’t have any effect on color, this picture is much like many others. I suppose that might get boring, still, I’m inclined to post the pictures anyway. What do you think?

Tea Tree oil soap

Liquid soap – 2 OCT 2012

13 10 2012

If you use KOH instead of NaOH as your lye, the soap is more soluble. You can add water and make liquid soap. I’ve made it a few times now but not been quite satisfied with the consistency each time. I’ve been adding water a little bit at a time trying to get all the soap dissolved. The thing is, the line between all dissolved and runny seems so fine as to be unattainable. This time I just fished out the last little undissolved bit and got the slow pouring gel I wanted.

This is actually only 75% olive oil. The other quarter is coconut because I like more suds. Some purists may not be willing to call it Castile but I’m using a looser definition.

These are 16oz bottles. Shipping might be a bit more complicated but should be possible. They would cost $7 and come with a pump.

About selling soap – and 4 free bars.

9 10 2012

The original reason I created this blog was that I make more soap that I can possibly use even if I supply various family with more soap than they can possibly use as well. I really don’t want to create a web store because I work 12 hour shifts and if I get an order at the wrong time, it would take a week to ship. Online sellers get tarred and feathered and run out of town on a pole for that. A level of personal contact should relieve that. My idea was that everyone would be able to see what I’ve been making, what is available now, and make suggestions. Then they could e-mail an order (sales@karlsoap.com) and I would ship it out. Payment could be sent, either by Paypal (again to sales@karlsoap.com) or by check in the mail. No payment would be required until it was received and deemed completely satisfactory. I’m not actually trying to make a full fledged business here. I just want to use up the soap and recoup some of the cost of my hobby.

The thing is, I’ve been enjoying the blog and have gotten some nice feedback. It’s actually been increasing the rate at which I make soap. It has not yet however directly generated any sales. My apartment is filling up with soap. Really, I’ve got hundreds of bars.

Hence, the offer: 4 free bars to anyone who has never tried my soap before, paying only for shipping ($5.50 in the U.S.). The only other restriction is all four must be different.

If you’ve never tried my soap before, post a comment on this post saying what you want. I’ll e-mail you asking for your address. I’ll send it out to you at the first opportunity. Once you get them and are completely happy, send me the $5.50 for shipping.

You will have to give a valid e-mail for the comment. Don’t worry, only I will see it.

This offer may end at any time, so check out what you want by clicking the available category. Remember that there are 12 batches ready to go right now and only 10 items per page. May I suggest the unscented version of my personal recipe and the goat’s milk.

As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Lavender 8 Sept 2012

8 10 2012

8 Oct 2012 – These are ready now. Let me know if you’re interested.

Lavender is one of my mom’s favorites and generally popular. This is my personal recipe (olive oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, castor oil for those who are new). I think I’m starting to get the hang of swirling the colors. Only a few bars had poor patterns. There is of course no way to tell what it will look like until it is cut.


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