Upcoming resupply

18 08 2012

I’m starting to run low on certain things and will make an order sometime soon. Perhaps in a week or two.

I’m curious to know what people might like. The website I order most things from is http://www.thesage.com/. You could check it out and see if there is any fragrances you are interested in. Or, you could just tell me what you like. Either way, the best way to do that would be to put a comment on this post.

Also in general, if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment on the blog. They could be about soap in general, my soap in particular, or even things only vaguely related.

Also, I made another batch tonight. It’s mostly in shaped molds so it’ll be about a week before I post it.

Ocean Rain

17 08 2012









I’m not a huge fan of “fresh” scents but I was looking a scent that I could make into a blue soap. The ocean rain scent is pretty nice though and people who are fans of fresh scents seem to really like this one. At any rate, they’re gone now.

update: I should really remember to put the picture in.

Sunflower scented soap

16 08 2012


The sunflower fragrance accelerated the reaction and it seized. I had to make it hot process. Quite nice though.


16 08 2012

Lavender scented soap. This batch I made purple with a light swirl.

Banana leaf and acai

16 08 2012

Banana leaf and acai scented. I didn’t add any color. When I made it it was pale yellow and it slowly turned brown much like a ripening banana. It smells nice though.

How I intend to make updates

16 08 2012

If you look to the right, you will see categories. Under “Soap” there are six subcategories.

Staple: This is something I like and have found to be popular. I’ll be making it again.

Repeat: I’ve made this soap more than once but am not ready to consider it a staple yet.

New: This is the first time I’ve made this, a fresh new idea.

Curing: I’ve made the soap but it’s not yet ready to be used.

Available: The soap is done curing and is ready to be used.

Gone: Sorry, I’m out of that batch.


When I make a batch, I’ll post it under the category “curing”. It will show up at the top of the feed and if you’re following, you’ll get contacted according to your preferences.

When the batch becomes ready, I’ll comment saying so, change the category from “curing” to “available”, and change the publish time to a few minutes in the future. It will show up at the top of the feed again and if you’re following, you’ll get contacted again.

When the batch is sold / given away / used up, I’ll comment saying so, change the category to “gone”, but not change the date. It will not go back to the top of the feed and it won’t go out on e-mail or Facebook.


Curious what I have right now? Click on the available category.


16 08 2012

Update: 16 AUG – Sorry, it’s all gone. Feel free to comment or contact me if you want me to make some more.

Update: 16 AUG – The lemongrass soap is now ready for use (actually gone but I’m testing updates.)

This is my lemongrass soap which is quite popular. It smells nice and supposedly, insects don’t like it.

I tried out the dragon molds that my mother gave me and they turned out quite nice.

I’m out of this right now but I’m posting it as an attempt to sort out how to make updates for when soap is still curing, when it’s available, and when it’s gone.


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