Shink Bands

25 03 2014

In my last supply shipment, I ordered some shrink bands. I wanted to see if they were easier or more professional or something else. The edges are still open a bit so that makes them easier to smell but they are still protected.

I’ve used them on the latest lemongrass batch which is now ready. What do you think?

Lemongrass 26 FEB 2014

Druid soap 6 MAR 2014

13 03 2014

I used to call this a staple. I don’t think I can actually do that now since I didn’t make any or even have any on hand all through 2013. I recently got asked about the little trees that I made for Christmas as relates to woodsy things and I mentioned this scent. One batch conveniently makes 16 of the oval bars and 4 each of the five different leaves.

2014-03-13 11.29.06

Lemongrass 26 FEB 2014

13 03 2014

I have been saying for a while that I should make some more lemongrass and then not doing it. Well, I finally actually did.

2014-03-13 11.26.53

Liquid Soap 6 March 2014

6 03 2014

I’ve made a batch of liquid soap again. It’s been a while. This time I used Castor oil along with the olive oil and coconut oil. I was wondering if it would give me the consistency I wanted easier. I suppose it might a little but it still takes forever to make and since the castor oil is much more soluble than the olive oil, the result is much less soap. The castor oil is more expensive as well so I don’t think I’ll be using it again, only olive and coconut oils.

This time, I got some of the glass dropper bottles you see in the picture. I mixed the fragrance in to the individual bottles. The droppers are hardly pipettes but I think they’ll measure well enough for my purposes. Hopefully that will allow me to get all the soap used rather than throwing away a bunch when it goes bad. Bar soap doesn’t usually go bad but the same can’t be said for liquid soap and it would be difficult to make less in a batch and would take the same amount of time regardless.

I’ve added frankincense and myrrh to some of the bottles and bergamot and chamomile to others. The former will go to my mother and the latter to my sister. I think I’ll use the rest of this batch myself. I’m not sure if I’ll actually make it for The Old House. It ‘s nice but it does take a long time to make.

2014-03-06 - liquid

Current Inventory and various notes

23 02 2014

My current inventory of bars is as follows:

Coffee 12
Goat Milk 12
Grape 2
Grapefruit 12
Green Clover and Aloe 4
Honeysuckle 2
Lavender 6
Ocean Rain 2
Peppermint 4
Plumberry Spice 3
Tea Tree 12
Unscented 10


The winners of the Con or Bust auction have first pick. Thank you for supporting!

This is really only about half my inventory. If you have your heart set on ones of which there are only a few left like more honeysuckle or ocean rain, I might have a few more at The Old House. I could check and get them if they’re there.

The Frankincense and Myrrh batch really needs to dry for another week but I tested the Ph and they’re neutral so safe. If Con or Bust winners want them, I could send them and ask that they not be used first. It’s a popular scent.


Con or Bust final day

22 02 2014

My donation of dragons to Con or Bust is up to about $50. The bidding ends at 5pm Eastern tomorrow (Sunday) so there’s a bit more than 24 hours left. I’m going to up it a bit by offering one extra bar (not dragon) for each $3 over $50 the bidding goes in the final day. This is to the limits of my supply and what fits in the box of course. Note that plenty fits in a medium flat rate though.

Good bidding,


You can get to the auction and bid here:

Goat Milk 14 Jan 2014

22 02 2014

22 Feb 2014: So, I made these and then completely forgot to post them. A coworker asked me last night if I had any goat milk and I assured him that I did. When I got home this morning, I checked the batch and all was good so I can bring him some. I guess that’s about the state of my mind these days. Anyway, these are ready now.

2014-02-22 09.16.50

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