Green Clover and Aloe 29 July 2014

4 09 2014

I’ve heard a good deal of rave reviews for the little leaves so I’ve made some for this batch. I think they’re appropriate for the Green Clover and Aloe scent. Hopefully, they disappear quickly. Likewise with the dragons.

There are a few scents that make sense for the leaves. Of course, I could make laves with other scents. They are a great size for hand soaps. What do you think; would frankincense and myrrh or grapefruit leaves be good?

This is a link to a poll.  


2014-09-04 03.48.16

Lavender 11 July 2014

3 09 2014

More lavender. It seems in the fruitier scents do better in warm months and other scents do better at other times. I attempted to get both colors in the circles and molded soaps. Obviously I could not get as much swirl as in the square bars but I don’t think it turned out badly. There are only the three each of the flowers and dragons. Currently I plan to save one of each for my mother and bring the others to The Old House so if you want to stake a claim, do so in the comments quickly.

2014-09-03 23.02.12

Cranberry Soap 24 June 2014

4 08 2014

This is a new scent. It does smell something like cranberries; perhaps more like cranberry dressing. I think it’s stabilized with mint. I get just a hint of it and the coloring is similar to the way the mint I’ve done in the past looks.

Some fragrance oils accelerate the trace and this is one of them. I barely got it in the molds. The bubbles are because it was so thick while I was pouring, scooping really. I’ve tested the Ph and it’s fine.

2014-08-04 14.59.28

Twigs and Berries 24 June 2014

4 08 2014

This scent was popular at The Old House the last time I made it. This time I made some of the little leaves as well. I’ll be bringing some over today or tomorrow.

2014-08-04 14.59.07

Beeswax and Goat Milk – MAY 2014

11 07 2014

So, I have a problem. I always print out the recipe when I make a batch. The date is automatically printed on the bottom of the page and that is what I use to remember it. In this case, the printer failed me. The very bottom of the page didn’t print and I didn’t catch it. As such, I don’t have the exact date. I’ve tested it and it’s nice and hard and the Ph is neutral. I remember that it was at the end of May though so I suppose I’ll just have to mark with only the month.

Anyway, this is using more local beeswax from my coworker, this time in the goat milk soap.2014-07-11 14.06.59 I really like the beeswax. It makes the soap silky smooth.

Pear 29 APR 2014

26 06 2014

It’s summer and pear soap is great for after the pool if you don’t want to smell like chlorine for the rest of the day.Pear 2014-04-29

Beeswax soap 26 MAR 2014

29 04 2014

A coworker owns bees and asked if I had ever tried beeswax in soap. I had not but I’m willing to try new things.

Looking through blog posts and such suggested that just a small amount of wax goes a long way and to much will eliminate all your lather. I decided to try 2% and he gave me a small piece of beeswax.

2014-03-26 17.18.55The soap is ready now and I have tried a sliver off the end as usual to test after checking the Ph. It’s silky smooth. The beeswax still had a bit of floral scent. That’s almost imperceptible now. You wouldn’t notice it at all unless you smelled a regular unscented bar next to it.

2014-04-29 01.48.26

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